Cannabis club

Welcome to the isle of free marijuana consumption in Europe – Barcelona. Here you will find hundreds of so called “social clubs” where members can roll a nice blunt and take their time to smoke weed. Cannabis clubs are thriving and are becoming more and more popular in Barcelona. In this guide you will discover useful information on attractions and prominent cannabis locations of the city.

Cannabis in Barcelona: is it legal?

Fifty-fifty. The legal status of cannabis in Barcelona is a little bit more complicated than in other countries like Amsterdam, for instance. Consumption, distribution, and cultivation of the weed is legalized, but there are lots of restrictions and limitations to keep in mind.

Actually, marijuana in Barcelona is decriminalized when it comes to personal and/or medical use ONLY.

Also, don’t think that cannabis is legal everywhere. Thus, adults can cultivate and consume weed in PRIVATE PLACE ONLY, otherwise, it’s punishable by the penalty or even jail time. Yet, it’s exactly what drives the evolution of the cannabis clubs with the unique atmosphere and experience provided. So, visiting a coffee shop in Barcelona is the only safe and legal way to get cannabis in Spain, Catalonia.

What’s more, there are no rules or laws that prohibit tourists from visiting club cannabis in Barcelona. Herewith, not just the local community can get high. Yet, there are some nuances to bear in mind like the fact that you need to get aka invitation from the cannabis club to be allowed to visit it and receive your chance to become a member. 

The legal status of weed in Barcelona: Do’s and Don’ts

Here is a comprehensive instruction on what you should do and shouldn’t when coming to Barcelona for experiencing the best cannabis ever. So, here we prepare the key do’s and don’ts about the cannabis culture in Barcelona you’d mind and follow.

Join cannabis social clubs;

— Smoke, vape, eat cannabis materials within the clubhouse;

— Consume cannabis in a private place, for example, at home;

— Grow 2 plants making sure that it’s not in public view.
— Buy and sell weed;

— Carry cannabis materials like strains, hemp, wax, oils, weed edibles, etc. with you on the streets;

— Consume weed in public view and public places.

Certainly, it’s a brief overlook of all the statements, requirements, and restrictions about cannabis in Barcelona. 

Barcelona is the next Amsterdam or not?

Nope. Though the legalization of cannabis in 2017, there are lots of rules, restrictions, and laws that were put into force to prevent drug tourism in Barcelona. That’s why you won’t find such weed coffee shops in Barcelona as in Amsterdam, but you can visit private cannabis social clubs

However, it doesn’t mean that tourists are not allowed to join and visit private cannabis communities. Yes, foreigners and tourists can get weed, all needed is to follow the strict rules to be accepted to one of the coffeeshops in Barcelona.

WARNING: Buying cannabis in Barcelona from street dealers is illegal and you accept the help from strangers on pain of punishment by the law. So, we strongly recommend you to avoid street promoters. It’s for your own safety! They are fraudsters, hustlers, or thieves.

Do not believe them and do not be swayed by such promises like cheap and/or lifetime memberships or access to multiple clubs for €10-20 only, free weed for taking their advice, and so on.

Remember that it’s not only unlawful but dangerous for your health and life. Thus, lots of tourists in Barcelona end up in hospital after taking marijuana sold by the dealers or at the fake cannabis clubs. Don’t donate to illegal drug trafficking by buying cannabis in Barcelona from street promoters, just don’t become a part of the problem.

Though the fact that there are over 200 social cannabis clubs, not all of them are worthy of your attention. Honestly, less than 20 of all weed clubs in Barcelona may be worthy. Here is a list of the best Barcelona cannabis clubs which you can join.

Besides the legal aspect of the social cannabis clubs, the highlight of so-called coffee shops in Barcelona is that all the members get high customer service. After the endorsement, workers can provide you with a beginner’s guide to weed for newbies and give you a weed guide to explain the difference between the marijuana sorts, concentrates, ways of consuming, etc. Besides, reputable associations offer weed of high quality only. Therefore, cannabis clubs are the safest way to get marijuana.

How can you join the cannabis club?

Barcelona is well known for its cannabis of superior quality. Thanks to the ideal climate citizens and tourists can enjoy top-rated marijuana. Yet, due to the laws, only members of cannabis clubs can get weed for consuming.

Thus, it’s better to learn the rules because cannabis associations can reject anybody. And knowing the main requirements increases your chances to be accepted. Moreover, some of the weed clubs in Barcelona are closed for new members, keep the fact in memory. 

Here are key rules to mind in case you wish to enter the cannabis club:

  • You’re to be at least 18 years old or even 21+;
  • It’s better to contact the club before visiting it;
  • You’d have no less than 20 euros to pay for a membership fee. Forget about the credit cards, take cash only;
  • Show the proof that the club welcomes you to visit it;
  • Bring identifying documents like your valid ID, driver’s license, etc.;
  • Complete full membership registration at the club.

Following these simple but so crucial issues, you can become a member of the best cannabis clubs for enjoyable weed sessions in the safest and legal way ever.